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Culturewell™ is your strategic approach to history 

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Why Culturewell?

We're living in a time when owners and employers need to work harder than ever to create value for their clients and communities. A professionally researched and written history is an asset that can deliver this - but history needs best-in-class research and production to deliver the engagement and increased productivity that comes with it. 

Deliver on
ESG Targets

your history is your social impact


for new and joining

team members


by building social capital and corporate culture

Brand Story

 that is themed, relevant,

organised & engaging


history led


Why Culturewell
Culturewell™ | Your Company's Story Told

What We Do

Culturewell™ is a strategic approach to

history and heritage. Our products cover three main areas - Research, Production and Engagement. Strategic use of history in these areas can impact all areas of your business, from planning applications to new inductions to your 100th anniversary.

What we do
how it works

How it Works

Book your free consultation to see how Culturewell™ can be tailored for your specific needs. Our free consultation will assist you in considering your heritage assets in the light of your company's future goals, vision and mission.

Culturewell™ | Your Company's History

Packages & Pricing

We have three exciting tiers to choose from - bronze, silver and gold. 

Add-on options can be added to your chosen package.


Gold Company Story


  • “Deep Dive” Archive and desk-based research, carried out by a top academic specially selected historian in your sector.

  • Interviews with key staff members past and present

  • 50-page history with illustrations, maps and images,

  • Full references and bibliography, organised as an archive.


Silver Company Story


  • Archive and desk-based research, carried out by a specially-selected historian in your sector.

  • Interviews with key staff members. 

  • 30-page history with illustrations, maps and images.

  • Limited references and bibliography.​


Standard Company Story


  • Desk-based research, carried out by our expert historians.

  • Interviews with key staff members

  • 10-page history with illustrations, maps and images

  • Limited references and bibliography.

Our Clients

Book a Free Consultation

Our consultation process assesses your company's goals and objectives, then audits your existing and potential heritage assets to identify where our Research and Production Units will maximise the ability of your heritage assets to help achieve your goals.

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